TX Gov. Abbott: Biden’s Immigration Policy a ‘Dog and Pony Show’ — ‘Not Enforcing Current Laws’ #usa


Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said Monday on FNC’s “The Faulkner Focus” that President Joe Biden’s immigration policy was a “dog and pony show.”

Discussing his meeting with Biden during the president’s visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, Abbott said, “These points that I laid out about ending catch and release, about detaining people who were coming across the border illegally and turning back across the border people who are coming across illegally, all of those are things the President and the United States already have the legal authority to do, and they are not doing. Until they step up and start doing this, all these other things they are doing is nothing more than a dog and pony show, and it’s not going to stop anybody from coming across the border illegally.”

Faulkner said, “When you hear talk like this and knowing you took the facts to the president, it is doubly, doubly confounding, and just really hurtful for the nation to know that things could have been taking place that wouldn’t have even required new legislation. So the big question becomes, why didn’t they do it?”

He added, “The only reason why we have these people coming across the border like we do is because both the Homeland Security secretary and the president are not enforcing current laws. They claim that Republicans need to work with them. I have outlined what they need to do as a starting point to begin to secure the border. Any suggestion by either Secretary Mayorkas or the president that Republicans are not working with them is just flat-out false. I have given them tangible ideas where they can secure the border.”

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