Massive snake shocks McDonald’s drive-thru customers after hitching a ride #usa


Customers at a McDonald’s drive-thru this week were shocked to see a massive snake curled across the front of a car’s bonnet.

The driver was ordering food at the drive-thru in New South Wales’ Hunter region in Australia when a customer standing outside the restaurant noticed the snake and began filming it, according to the Daily Mail.

According to 9News on Saturday, the driver suspects the large reptile was on the car for approximately four hours. However, the driver didn’t notice it until nearby customers pointed out that it was attached to the vehicle.

The staff at McDonald’s then made a call to have the snake removed after the driver informed them about it. No details were revealed about the type of snake, its exact size or whether or not it was venomous. However, pictures published by 9News and the Daily Mail show the snake clinging to the bonnet, with part of it dangling onto the car’s license plate.

Massive Snake Shocks McDonald's Drive-Thru
A McDonald’s drive-thru logo is seen in Estoril, Portugal. Customers at a McDonald’s drive-thru in New South Wales’ Hunter region in Australia were shocked to see a massive snake curled across the front of a car’s bonnet.
Photo by Horacio Villalobos#Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

It is not uncommon to find snakes in unusual places as similar incidents have been reported this month in different parts of the world. A man in South Africa recently discovered a deadly black mamba behind the toilet at his house, saying he “nearly flew out of the bathroom” when he discovered it.

The venomous snake was removed by snake specialist Byron Zimmerman, who runs the reptile conservation and husbandry business, Snakes for Africa.

Zimmerman shared photos of the incident on Facebook and said that he caught the deadly snake using a wheel spanner from his car.

“Last night I phoned and booked my car in to have the brakes done, and took all my catching equipment out,” he said. “On the way to the mechanic I got a callout for a snake in the bathroom. The caller said it’s a black mamba,” Zimmerman said. “I changed course and arrived at the house a few minutes later, and reached behind the seat, as I always do, for my tongs and hookstick. Ah yes. I took them out, didn’t I? Well, I have a wheel spanner. It will have to do. It did.”

Also this month in Australia, a receptionist discovered an extremely dangerous snake inside a printer. Snake rescuers from Sydney-based Australian Snake Catchers were called to safely remove the reptile. They then shared a video of the snake being removed on Facebook.

“This Snake decided to make this Printer into a 3D version,” wrote Australian Snake Catchers in the caption of the video. “The Receptionist from a Windsor Dealership was about to refill the paper but when she pulled out the Drawer she Luckily saw this Eastern Brown Snake. We were dispatched to remove it so Business could continue. All is well that ends well. This could have been quite a Different and Dangerous outcome.”

Newsweek reached out to the Wet Tropics Management Authority, an Australian environmental body, and Australian Snake Catchers for comment.

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