The 5 best wireless car chargers of 2023 #technology


Tech specs: Up to 15W | Qi-certified | Vent, dashboard or windshield mount | iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Nexus and more | 7.68 x 6.54 x 3.11 inches

Doodbi’s wireless car charger features a low-profile design that’s compatible with nearly any phone model. Capable of high-speed charging of up to 15W, you can power your phone faster, based on the charging cable you use. It’s the only wireless car charging device in this guide that doesn’t include a charging cable. We give it a pass simply because the model is universally compatible with most smartphones — all of which have their own charging cable version that’s optimized for high-speed charging.

You can charge your phone effortlessly, even while driving. To attach your phone to the wireless car mount, place it close to the device. Its integrated sensors can tell when your phone is near and will release the clips to accept the phone. Once you place it into the mount, the clamps will automatically close and hold the device securely. Best of all, the car charger can hold most phone models and protective cases, so you don’t have to remove yours before charging. 

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