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They say December is the season of giving, but here at LIY, we’re firm believers in the “one for you, one for me” mindset. 😉 While we did our fair share of giving last month, we also did MORE than enough shopping for ourselves while we were at it! That’s the best part of holiday shopping, am I right? From our latest closet additions to breakthrough beauty products, these are Our Favorite Purchases of the Month: December Edition!

I have been wearing this cardigan on REPEAT! It’s honestly the perfect blend of dressy and casual. I either pair it with high waisted jeans or a silk midi skirt to jazz it up a little! This long sleeve is also my new favorite layering piece. It’s like an elevated basic… which is essentially what I strive for when it comes to fashion! It’s structured and a little thicker so it appears more classy than your basic long sleeve tee!

Home Alone Sweatshirt – Use code LIY15 for 15% off

This was my (Steph) son’s first Taylor Wolfe Shop sweatshirt and he can’t stop talking about how much he loves it! The holiday season may coming to a close for this year, but Taylor has designs for every holiday/season – many now available in youth and toddler sizes! Use code LIY15 for 15% off all regular priced items!

Winterized Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece [true to size, wearing M) // Jeans [size down one, wearing 4] // Shoes [true to size, wearing 9]

I’ve had my eye on this “winterized” version of the famous Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece – and when it went on major sale I snatched it up! Holy Warm.. be sure to wear extra deodorant with this sugarmama, she is no joke! If fluffy, warm soft pullovers are your thing – dive on in ladies!

Layering Long Sleeve [true to size, wearing M] // Jeans [size down if in-between, wearing 4] // Shoes [size down .5] // Sherpa Shirt Jacket [true to size, wearing M]

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice weight layering long sleeve and I think I’ve found it! She’s soft and offers a great overall quality for a wonderful price! I love that it comes in many colors, I’ll be adding more to my closet as these make a super staple! But can we talk about the sherpa shirt jacket paaaaLease?! WOW. I’m blown away, truly. I didn’t think I could love anything more – you have to get your hands on one to understand what I’m babbling on and on about. You’ve GOT to feel it, wear it, enjoy the goodness.. PS She’s on SALE! Treat yourself!

Sneakers [size down .5]

Slip on and go! My favorite type of shoe! These go great with jeans, leggings, shorts – you name it honestly! They are very comfortable but I would size down .5 as I’ve found my heel slipping out a little bit and can see them stretching out over time! But if you need a quick basic slip on for an outstanding price, check these out today!

Denim [TTS, wearing 8 regular for 5’5″] // Bodysuit [TTS, wearing large] // Sandals [size up .5]

Currently dreaming of Spring…. anyone else? These jeans are on sale for $20 today and the bodysuits are only $10! True to size!

Vest [TTS, wearing Medium] // Tee [TTS, wearing medium] // Denim [TTS, wearing 8 regular for 5’5″]

Baby girl sweatsuit [size down] // Toddler Sweatshirt [size down] // Toddler Jogger [size down]

Most of our days are spent at home together. 9 times out of 10 we are in comfy, cozy clothes so why not make it cute?! H&M has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop for my kiddos. They are reasonably priced and have several cute options for kids of all ages. I do think their sizes run big so I would size down if in between!

Velour Set [size down]

The softest, coziest set! Perfect for lounging around at home.

Toddler Sweater [size down]

My son wore this sweater for Christmas and got so many compliments! It looks dressy but feels just like a sweatshirt – win win!

Baby girl bodysuits

Cotton Denim Dress [size down]

If you can’t tell already…I hit the jackpot at H&M last month. This dress is perfect paired with tights for the winter or could be worn by itself this spring. I purchased my daughters regular size for this one so she would have room to grow in it and wear it this spring as well.

Round Bowl // 14″ Tall Vase // Ceramic Textured Vase // Black Wood Chain

Decorating our newly finished basement has been a fun little side project, and an unexpected trip to Target and the virtual aisles of Amazon quickly made this little setup happen!

Best Mom Ever Mug

This mug was a birthday gift from my sweet son! I love the size of it and shape of the handle. I don’t know why, but a mug for me is all about the handle. The Parker Lane brand has tons of designs available at Target, and they’re only $5!! See all designs here, and some of my favorites below!

Wrapping Organizer

Pictured is a photo of Erin’s wrapping paper organizer – mine is already tucked away and this picture was handy so here we are! Erin’s been talking about her organizer for a few years, and I was ready for a different solution for wrapping supplies. I’m here to tell you, she’s right – it’s great!!

Solid Chenille Knit Throw Blanket

A quick way to warm up a guest room or sitting area is by adding a soft throw! I love these $20 throws from Target! They offer many colors that will fit with any of your spaces! So if you’re sprucing up any rooms in 2023, toss in this soft chenille knit throw!

Tripod Floor Lamp

I was on the hunt for a simple floor lamp that also was a pretty statement and this one from Target was my winner! It’s a great height and was super quick/easy to put together!

Draw Me In Candle

Hey, hey! Cassidy here! Currently can’t stop, won’t stop burning Life in Lilac’s Draw Me In Candle! While I love to cozy up and light a candle, some candles can contain pretty nasty chemicals that can be harmful for you [or your pets]! When I am purchasing a candle I am always looking for candles are are soy based, free from sulfates, free from parabens, and free from phthatates. It is also important to follow instructions when it comes to burn time no matter what the candle is made of! It is usually recommended to only burn candles [under supervision] for 4-6 hours at a time to ensure the longevity of the candle and to avoid risk or wick build up/soot! Our recent candle collaboration with shoplifeinlilac is a sustainable natural soy candle, free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, plus the wick is 100% cotton, lead-free and zinc-free. Not only is it a clean candle, it also smells like HEAVEN! A scent that is truly designed to ‘draw you in’! Shop it here and get it before Christmas!

Roll-On Perfume

In case you’ve ever wondered what the entire LIY Team smells like…. it’s this. 😉 We been wearing and loving the Life in Lilac Draw Me In Roll-On Perfume all month long! For reference, it’s a mix of amber and santal fragrances. We would describe it as warm, intoxicating, slightly woody – but sweet at the same time! Rest assured, everyone who has smelled it has approved.. husbands included!


If you struggle with dry skin this time of year, this moisturizer has been my holy grail! It’s a thick, heavy formula that doesn’t make my skin feel greasy and doesn’t cause breakouts. Win!

Mixer // Bloom Greens // Pre-Workout Mix

Another month, another haul of “things Tiktok made me buy”. I take the greens first thing in the morning to help with bloating and digestion, mixed with OJ because I can’t stomach the taste with water – cringe. I’ve also been loving this pre-workout mix to boost energy before a sweat sesh! Full disclosure: I would not use the handheld mixer for anything thicker than this – I’ve noticed the whisk portion gets clogged easily! If you’re mixing heavier liquids [like frothing!] I would suggest trying this brand instead!

Car Escape Tool

I purchased one of these for the stocking of every driver in our house. For less than $15, you can’t beat the peace of mind these offer! While I can’t say how well it works – THANKFULLY I haven’t had to use it! – I feel good having a simple way to cut a seatbelt and break a window in case of an accident.

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