January Weekly Meal Plan #2 #lifestyle


Hello and happy Sunday! I’m posting a little later than usual today because I spent the morning having coffee with mom then church with the family; a great start to a Sunday. If you need some meal plan inspiration, I hope this look into our meals of the week might help you out. Bon Appetit!


Sunday is a perfect day for a whole chicken! I did mine in the Instant Dutch Oven (slow cooker) with very simple seasonings of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I served it with turmeric rice and rainbow chard. For the chard, I cut out the ribs and chop them up. I sauté them in a little olive oil and garlic until tender, then add the chopped leaves and salt and pepper. Finish it off with a splash of vinegar for acidity.


I love starting the week with a crowd pleaser, and Mexican-inspired anything is always a hit. I sauteed peppers and onions and steak with salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and cumin. I served it with cilantro lime rice, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.


I kept things simple on Tuesday with easy, 30 minute Chicken Tortilla Soup. Reader Sarah made this recently and left a review (thank you!) and it reminded me of the recipe. I’m so glad she did, as I had forgotten how easy and tasty it is. Served with guacamole and chips!


Oh my goodness, this was a gooood dinner. I shopped my freezer and found sirloin steak tips. I seasoned them with salt and pepper, then sauteed them in a pan with a little olive oil. After a few minutes, I added minced garlic and a little butter. I served them over mashed potatoes with a little extra sauce from the steak pan and with roasted Brussels sprouts. Devine.


Ground bison was on sale so I used 1 lb of it to make a chili. I used David’s famous chili as inspiration, but just winged it. Kidney beans, rotel, tomato sauce, chili powder, poblano peppers, onions… it turned out great! Luckily chili is a hard thing to mess up.


Not a great picture because I almost forgot to snap one! David and I made pizza (using bread machine pizza dough) live (you can watch it here– you can tell we get more comfortable being live about 20 minutes :)). We stuck with our favorite toppings- peppers, onion, pepperoni, cheese, and of course, fresh oregano and basil from the countertop gardens.


Saturday evening Hailey had a basketball game and mom treated us to dinner out afterwards. We went to Fresh Chef, a restaurant I really like, buuuuut I ordered wrong. I went with the chicken picatta and the whole dish was rather bland and only had about 8 capers on the whole thing. The chicken was well cooked though and the company was fabulous.

Breakfast and Lunch

Per usual, breakfast and lunch were all over the place. Veggie heavy eggs scrambles, oatmeal for the kids, Daily Harvest shakes, grilled cheeses and tomato soups on this sourdough sandwich bread (I’ll bake this one again, so easy).


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