10 Things I Love Sunday #lifestyle


This weekend, we are grateful to host our close friends and have endless playtime for all our kids. Here are 10 things I am loving this week.

1. Candles. My two favorite candle brands from Nashville are Paddywax (the checkered candle pictured is from there) and Thistle Farms.

I received this mini Tubereuse candle and it’s become our official cleaning candle. We light it when we are cleaning the house (along with opening some doors if the weather allows to let in some fresh air). It’s become a nice ritual … I love it!

I’m also curious to try a candle warmer lamp. Has anyone tried it?

2. I spent some time refreshing our Amazon Storefront this week. I’m using the travel essentials list to get ready for a family trip we are taking in a few weeks.

3. I’m enjoying the TV show Slow Horses this week. Have you watched it?

4. I haven’t been to the flea markets in a few months and I am hoping to squeeze in a trip this weekend. What is the absolute BEST thing you ever found at a flea market?

My best finds usually happen in Missouri, but I visit flea markets no matter where I am (especially overseas, augh!).

5. These blankets are so cozy and perfect for lounging—I have it in two different colors.

6. This is such a beautiful, cozy rug.

7. Love this blanket as a wedding gift idea!

8. I did some shopping in the big Madewell sale this week. I got a couple of these hats— my favorite mom uniform this time of year.

9. J.Crew is having an epic sale right now. I just ordered a bunch of fancy dresses for my princess child (I love their kids clothing, too).

10. I’m really looking forward to re-reading Big Magic this week.

P.S. Here are a few posts from last week in case you missed them!

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