Watch: ‘Richard Mosse: What the Camera Cannot See’ Short Doc Film #hollywood


Watch: ‘Richard Mosse: What the Camera Cannot See’ Short Doc Film

January 3, 2023
Source: Vimeo

“There’s so much more to unpack in the Brazilian Amazon. I’m very interested in trying to find a way to express extremely, deeply complex things by looking very carefully at these loaded landscapes…” Another fascinating new short documentary film to watch. Richard Mosse: What the Camera Cannot See is the latest in an “Extended Play” series of short films made for Art21. This film introduces us to a renowned photographer named Richard Mosse (his website), who talks us through some of his latest projects over the last few decades. “My power, if I have any,” says Mosse, “is to be able to show you the things that I’ve seen in a more powerful way than perhaps the pictures you’ve seen in the newspaper of the same thing.” Many of his most recent projects involving using special cameras or unusual techniques that show us more than what we expect to see – whether using infrared or ultraviolet or other tricks. It’s a clever way of going beyond photography as we know it, allowing us to understand more about what’s happening on this planet.

Richard Mosse: What the Camera Cannot See

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this short. Full description from Vimeo: “Artist Richard Mosse documents humanitarian crises and environmental catastrophes by making the unseen visible. This doc film follows Mosse and his collaborators Ben Frost and Trevor Tweeten as they travel across the world to film under-reported world events in zones of conflict, repurposing surveillance technologies and scientific tools to capture stories and scenes that evoke deeper understanding and motivate audiences to act. In locations like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where over 50 armed groups are engaged in combat, or along paths of migration from the Middle East and North Africa into the European Union, the artist works to bring attention to conflict and suffering around the world.” The Extended Play series of docs is directed by Ian Forster, and edited by Riley Hooper, created for Art21. With music by Blue Dot Sessions and Joel Pickard. For more details on the film, visit Vimeo. To discover even more shorts, click here. Your thoughts?

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