Florida Man Who Pretended To Be A Teen Doctor Sentenced To Jail For Scamming Employer #hollywood


Last week, a Florida man who became a viral sensation as a teen after impersonating a doctor was sentenced to prison for stealing $10,000 from his employer.

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According to Fox News, Malachi Love-Robinson, 25, pleaded guilty to grand theft and organized scheme to defraud. In 2020, the former “medical professional” worked as a salesperson for a company that connects shippers with trucking companies, telling customers to pay him directly rather than his employer. This will be his second stint in prison since pleading guilty to fraud, grand theft, and practicing medicine without a license in 2016.

Love-Robinson referred to himself as “Dr. Love” and opened the New Birth New Life Medical Center, where he stole $30,000 from an elderly female patient and $20,000 from another doctor. He was arrested after he prescribed medication to an undercover officer conducting an investigation into his practice.

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While he was out on bail for the 2016 crime, Love-Robinson attempted to buy a car with a stolen credit card. He served 48 months in a Virginia jail but was released in 2019. Amid his infamous crime, Love-Robinson became an internet meme and it’s used to describe a situation when fraud might be needed. During an interview with Good Morning America, Love-Robinson stated that he never claimed to be a doctor and that the title can be used by anyone.

“There are many types of degrees out there that just because someone has the title doctor in front of their name does not necessarily imply MD.”

Additionally, his patients said he was the best doctor he had. As for the 2020 case, Love-Robinson sent text messages to his boss and apologized for his crime. He wrote, “[I] can’t say how truy sorry I am and [I’m] doing everything [I] can to make it right.” Also, he said he didn’t want to go to jail.

After news of his recent crime was posted online, people questioned why Love-Robinson was allowed to walk free despite his scamming crimes.

Why was he ever released ,this man was pretending to be a doctor and giving people false medical advice .

— GOODIE BOP (@MISSCANIESHA) January 4, 2023

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