Flo Rida Agrees To Pay ‘Support Package’ For Disabled Son Following His Near-Fatal Accident #hollywood


Rapper Flo Rida has recently agreed to a support package for his disabled son that could total nearly $500,000. This comes after his ex-partner, Alexis Adams, filed claims against him in Bronx Family Court, alleging that he was failing to pay medical and school payments for their six-year-old son, Zohar. Adams claims that Zohar requires special services and has catastrophic accident costs that require additional resources after falling five stories from a New Jersey apartment. Zohar is also autistic, adding to the need for specialized care. Adams further alleges that she and Zohar were dropped from Dillard’s insurance and forced onto Medicaid. While Dillard has offered a private insurance plan for Adams, it is allegedly insufficient for Zohar’s requirements.

Under the agreement with Adams, Flo Rida will pay $14,000 a month in support and $2,212 a month in health insurance. This support package could total nearly $500,000 when including the $300k escrow account Rida was ordered to set up for his son. The account must be replenished each year, according to Insider. While this may seem like a lot of money, it is important to consider the significant expenses associated with caring for a disabled child. The costs of specialized care, therapy, and equipment can add up quickly, and it is crucial for parents to have the financial resources necessary to provide their children with the care they need.

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It is commendable that Flo Rida has agreed to provide this level of support for his son. Many parents of disabled children struggle to make ends meet due to the high costs associated with caring for their children. It is important for society as a whole to recognize the importance of providing adequate support and resources for families with disabled children. By doing so, we can help ensure that these children receive the care they need and deserve.

The world was left heartbroken when news broke that Flo Rida’s son had fallen from a fifth-floor window of a New Jersey apartment building. The six-year-old was rushed to the hospital with serious bodily injuries, including fractures in his pelvis and left foot, a lacerated liver, collapsed lungs, and internal bleeding.

Zohar suffers from hydrocephalus, a neurological condition that causes an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within cavities in the brain, which makes his injuries even more severe. The rapper has since given an update on his son, thanking fans for their support during this difficult time.

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The accident occurred on March 4th, and a lawsuit has been filed against the apartment complex, management, and maintenance company for negligence. The lawsuit alleges that the wrong-sized guards were put on the windows, leading to Zohar sustaining permanent injuries and chronic disabilities affecting his future. While Flo Rida has not addressed his son’s medical bill, it is clear that the family is dealing with unimaginable emotional and financial stress.

As fans send their love and well wishes to the family, it’s important to remember the seriousness of the situation. Accidents like this can have devastating consequences, especially for children with pre-existing conditions like hydrocephalus. It is crucial that building management takes the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their tenants, especially children who are most at risk for accidents.

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