‘1923’ Shocker: Multiple Duttons Are Shot & One Is Left Dead After A Bloody Shootout



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The Dutton family suffered a devastating tragedy in episode 3 of 1923. Jacob, Cara, John Sr., Jack, Emma, and Liz are on their way back to the ranch when they are ambushed. They all hear a shot ring out in the distance and another one soon follows, striking Liz in the stomach. Her white dress is immediately soaked in blood.

Jacob yells to get the buggy out of there. More shots are fired, and Jack is struck in the arm. The buggy horses get spooked during the shootout and gallop off with Liz still in her seat. Cara and Emma run for cover nearby with Jacob and John Sr. following them. Zane and the cowboys realize something has gone awry and head to help the Duttons.

The Duttons on their ride back to the ranch. (Paramount+)

Jack runs after Liz in the runaway buggy. He manages to get control of the horses and get Liz out. Suddenly, the shooting stops. But the fight is far from over. Men on horseback come from the woods, and Jack decides to fire on them. That initiates another shootout. Jacob, Cara, and John Sr. fire from their spot, and Banner Creighton shows up from behind with an automatic weapon.

“Jacob Dutton, I’m a man of my word!” Banner yells at him before firing on the Duttons. Jacob tells everyone to run, but it’s not much use. Jacob and Jack Sr. are hit multiple times. Cara and Emma are able to run to safety next to Jack and Liz. Thankfully, Zane and the cowboys show up to aid the Duttons.

Banner takes off in his car. Zane orders Jack to go get the buggy. Cara senses something is not right with Jacob and Jack Sr. She finds Jacob in terrible shape, with blood coming from his nose. He’s been shot multiple times.

John Dutton Sr. Is Killed

When she looks over at John Sr., he’s dead. He’s been shot directly in the eye. Emma yells out for John Sr. and Cara begs her not to come over. Emma doesn’t listen to her. Emma sees John Sr. has died and walks off shell-shocked.

James Badge Dale
James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr. (Paramount+)

In the distance, Cara spots one of the Irish attackers. She shoots him once, and he begs her to stop. He tells her that she’ll go to hell if she kills him. In the same scene we saw in the pilot episode, Cara fires her gun, but it’s empty. They both quickly rush to reload, and Cara is able to kill him before he’s able to shoot her.

Jacob and Liz are rushed back to the Dutton house. They are laid out on the kitchen tables. Jacob is in terrible shape. Cara sees that Jacob’s wounds are grave. Jacob is able to ask Zane if they got them all. Zane reveals that Banner drove off, but he’s going to send for the sheriff first thing. Jacob urges Zane not to call the sheriff.

“It’s no use,” Jacob says to Cara about his wounds. Cara remains optimistic. She’s not going to quit on him. “Spencer must come home now. Get him home,” he says to her.

Michelle Randolph
Michelle Randolph and Marley Shelton as Liz and Emma. (Paramount+)

Cara Begs Spencer To Return

The doctors and nurses arrive to help Cara with Jacob and Liz. Emma is still sitting in the buggy with John Sr.’s body in the back. The doctor walks into a bloody scene. He tells Cara to step away. Time is of the essence when it comes to saving Jacob.

Cara walks outside and begins to write to Spencer, who is still in Africa. “Spencer, your brother has been killed,” she writes. “By the time you receive this letter, I suppose your uncle has been killed as well. Your nephew has been wounded. This ranch and your legacy are in peril. War has descended upon this place and your family. Whatever war you fight within yourself must wait. You must come home and fight this one.” New episodes of 1923 premiere Sundays on Paramount+.

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