Nearly 40% Of Big Indian Firms Still Follow Hybrid Work Model #business


With the Covid-19 pandemic receding, most large Indian companies are calling employees back to the office. But at the start of 2023, a sizeable number of firms are still operating on a hybrid work model, requiring employees to come to the office for a minimum number of days.

BQ Prime conducted a poll of 41 big companies, asking them what work model they are currently following. The poll did not include banks as they have had a work-from-office model even during the coronavirus lockdown.

As many as 25 respondents said they were following a 100% work-from-office model. A hybrid model was espoused by 16 respondents, which mostly included information technology companies including Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Wipro Ltd., HCL Tech Ltd. and Tech Mahindra Ltd.

None of the respondents are allowing employees to work-from-home full-time. But some are permitting staff to do WFH on a conditional basis.

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