‘Don’t study on Sundays…’: FM Sitharaman to young students in Kota #business


Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman advised young students to concentrate on their current activities and take off on Sundays. “More jobs will be created, the concern is right, but it shouldn’t bog down students in the midst of their studies,” she said.

On January 8, the finance minister was in Kota for a day where she spoke to students at Yuva Shakti Samvad. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla accompanied her. During her visit, she also took part in a credit outreach programme.


The finance minister stated that young people with business ideas are welcome to meet with officials and ministers and to have their questions answered in the FAQs.

She referred to the digital university as a ‘progressive thought’ and added, “Lot of interest shown by people in the field of education, students. Central Digital Institute of Excellence will operate it with a hub and spoke model.”


The finance minister also discussed the ‘ease of doing business’ during her speech. “The ease of doing business is not just the centre’s responsibility. The centre can remove burdens in the systems, but states and municipal corporations should also work in that direction,” she said.

She claimed that the government is collaborating at various administrative levels to increase business accessibility.

“Those going abroad, buying costly cars have tax deducted at source,” FM said, adding that if “such people” are not taxpayers, they are questioned for failing to file returns despite significant expenditures. “We motivate, persuade people to pay tax to contribute to India’s development,” Sitharaman added.

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