Delhi’s cold wave continues with temperature expected to drop even more next week #business


Delhi is currently experiencing a severe cold wave, with temperatures dropping to as low as 2 degrees celsius in some parts of the city. The cold wave, which is caused by a Western Disturbance, has brought with it strong winds and cold temperatures, making it difficult for residents to stay warm.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) today said that while the minimum temperature in Delhi was around 5 degrees celsius in the past couple of days, there is another cold wave predicted to hit Delhi between January 16 and 18.

The minimum temperature could go down to 2 degrees celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday in certain pockets of Delhi-NCR.

The cold wave has affected not only the residents of Delhi but also the city’s homeless population. Many homeless people have been seen huddled together for warmth on the streets, with very few resources to protect themselves from the cold. The Delhi government has set up night shelters for the homeless, but these are often overcrowded and not equipped to handle the extreme temperatures.

The cold wave has also caused disruptions to daily life in the city. Many flights and trains have been delayed or cancelled due to poor weather conditions, and roads have become slippery due to the cold, making them dangerous for drivers.

The IMD has urged residents to take precautions to protect themselves from the cold. This includes wearing warm clothing, staying indoors as much as possible, eating vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, drinking sufficient warm fluids and avoiding going out in the early morning and late evening when the temperatures are at their lowest.

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