Call to Submit: “Pictures and Songs” B&W Photo Book #arts


Calling all photographers! We’re excited to announce an open call to submit images to our next photo book, “Pictures and Songs”, and this time it’s a celebration of black & white photography. We will be selecting work by 50+ photographers for what will be our very first black & white book.

We want to see your most striking black & white images of people, places, and things, and also have you pick songs to go with them! You may have a specific reason for choosing a song or it could just be a feeling you get when you look at the photo. Either way you will need to tell us a bit about each image you submit, whether or not you directly address the reason for the song is up to you.

Images do not have to be shot on B&W film to be eligible, digital images converted to B&W are acceptable. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean we want to see your entire photo archive converted to B&W! Be thoughtful. Take some time to consider what images look best in black and white. Converting an image can be an effective way to remove visual noise, clashing colours, or other elements which draw the viewer’s eye away from what you want them to notice.

Many of you took part in our similar project a few years ago, Portraits and Songs. There will be a similar gallery post for this project and throughout the open call period we will feature a selection of submissions on our site.

Here’s an example, a photo I took, a song, and a little explanation (you can click on the song title to hear it):

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