The 5 Days You Can Get Free Admission to National Parks in 2023 Happy new year #news #bbcnat


National parks are one of the country’s great resources, full of incredible sights, landscapes, and attractions, from Yellowstone to Joshua Tree to the Grand Canyon. And for a select few days in 2023, you can access them for free.

The National Park Service has announced the following dates will feature free admission to all sites that normally charge an entrance fee of up to $35 per vehicle:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday will see NPS sites open their doors without a charge.

The first day of National Park Week will kick off with free access to park sites.

The third anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act, which passed in 2020, will see parks celebrate the GAOA, which directs funds into the management and maintenance of national parks.

National Public Lands Day was established in 1994 and promotes environmental volunteering. In honor of this event, folks can roam the parks without paying the admission fee.

Your last chance for free access in 2023 falls on Veterans Day.

Bear in mind that while admission may be free, charges for camping, boats, special tours, or other amenities may still apply. If you’re unsure whether your activity is part of the promotion, be sure to call ahead.

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